FIT(Free Independent Traveller) refer to tourists who travel independently. They almost always design their own itineraries and arrange their own ​travel plansFirst-hand travel information about destinations, transportation arrangements such as train and plane tickets, and hotel reservations worldwide are available at the click of a mouse for independent travellers. But it is always advantageous to consult a travel professional who is experienced in providing services to those who want to plan their own trips, especially for more exotic destinations. Travel professionals like us are very helpful in finding non-traditional or out-of-the-way accommodations that do not advertise on the Internet, such as villas, farmhouses, inns, and family-run bed and breakfasts. We are specialized in FIT, specially for Europe. Our team of experts will help you plan a personalized travel experience based on input you provide. We let you choose your dream vacation and be a part of your wonderful experience. We suggest the best places and itineraries for you and help you explore the destination in the best way. So contact us now and share your exotic destination and experience your best vacation ever.


Travelling with family is one of the best gifts that one can give to their loved ones. Not only it is an enriching experience, but family vacations also helps one bond with and share unique and memorable experiences. A personalised planed journey will help you experience a stress-free travel experience that’s perfectly suited to your preferences, and shows the potential of using past traveller behaviour to offer truly unique travel products and services. Your vacation type may be religious, adventurous or relaxing. We suggest places accordingly and the destination will definitely be of your choice.

If you are going on a vacation with your friends, finding a tour that’s right for your group can be a somewhat daunting process. You all may have different opinions and we will consider all the specifications and plan a vacation for your group accordingly. Whether you want to go for an adventure or relaxing vacation, we suggest destinations accordingly. We help you explore the destination to the fullest and will make sure that you have the best memories of your time spent during your vacation. So, what are waiting for? Plan a vacation with us, have fun and an experience for a lifetime.


We assist industrialists, professional bodies, corporations and autonomous bodies in making their conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions, product launches, symposiums, meetings, conventions, and all related events grand successes. There is a huge extent of customization in case of a MICE trip in terms of destinations, hotel requirements, conference needs, sightseeings to be covered, gala dinner venue, team building activities, etc. We provide multiple options to our customers. This is especially true in case of clients who have a budget constraint. Once the client is provided with multiple options along with the pros and cons for the same, they are in a much better position to take a decision regarding the destination as well as the services that they expect us to provide them. Our endeavour is to have our customers delighted by our services so that at all times, they feel that they have got something EXTRA than the worth of the currency that has been spent on it. We go to great lengths to understand your vision for the event and make it a reality with additional extra touches to make it extra special, unique and memorable.


Honeymoon is a special vacation and every couple wants it to be fun and unique. We are here to help you plan your honeymoon according to your interests and your budget. Honeymoon locations often include breathtaking settings near turquoise beaches, pristine islands, snow-capped mountains, and world-famous architectural wonders.  We take the newlyweds to exotic expanses where they have an indulging experience amidst scenic surroundings. Our honeymoon packages provide you with a variety of options, such as adventure delights like deep-sea diving and trekking; food explorations with local cuisine sampling; guided tours for art and culture enthusiasts, and so much more. So, you not only get to pick the best place for honeymoon but also customise it according to your interests; a place for your mood, adventures of your style, and a holiday that aligns with your personality! In addition, they get to know and understand each other better as well as strengthen their bond for life. By having some time far from the hustle and bustle of everyday lives, they spend quality time with each other in their dream destinations. Come and plan your honeymoon at Our Vacations and make an adorable start of your wedlock and memories for life.


Tangled with diverse options for a weekend trip with limited time to enjoy? Our Vacations at your rescue. We help you decide your destination for a weekend where you don’t have to waste your precious and limited time. We plan tour weekend trip and help you spend maximum time with your friends and family so as to reduce the time to make arrangements when on a weekend. We select destination according to your interest. Whether you want to relax, have an adventurous trip like trekking, rappelling, river rafting, paragliding, water sports, etc. or a religious trip, we help you find the best destination and have an alluring experience . After having such busy work schedules, it becomes very important to get some refreshment and fun in weekend. There are excellent destinations to relax with your friends or families, away from the crowded cities. Now is the perfect time to escape on a Signature Short Break with your family or friends.